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Welcome to VP&I
We stand for knowledge with value!

Technological Developments

We will help you to identify technology on products, production means, and technical operations  in a variety of technical fields such as materials, production processes, transportation vehicles, mechanical engineering, construction, machinery, control engineering, automated systems, and media, and especially in the field of chemistry and pharmacology such as drug products and foodstuffs. For that VP&I selects and refers to patent as well as non-patent literature.

We provide also continuously updated information about the latest developments of a specific product or a technical method or operation.

You may gain knowledge of a specific product, which methods are being applied to make that product, and wherefore it will be used. Furthermore the received information could be a basis to solve a technical problem or to improve technical methods.

Our services include:

  • Conducting searches of patents and technical literature
  • Carrying out searches to find alternative technologies
  • Identifying of missing technologies
  • Detecting the latest new developments
  • Structuring the internal technologies


DE69635298 thumb
Granted European patent no 0 784 975 
validated in Germany “Verwendung von Acetylsalicylsäuren zur Herstellung eines Medikaments fűr die Behandlung von Hautverletzungen”; Teikoku Seiyaku Kabushiki Kaisha; 2005.

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