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History of electric lamps

Though incandescent lamps were already invented in the 19th century, the enterprising Thomas Edison improved and further developed the known light bulbs and marketed his commercially practical lamps having a long-lasting filament, to home and business by mass-producing and creating a complete system for the generation and distribution of electricity.

Thomas Edison launched his electric “Pearl Street Station” in New York on September 4th, 1882 to supply electricity for lighting. He researched and developed a lot for his business. In addition he benefited from intellectual property rights, such as patents, and from market situations and  negotiations with customers, competitors and patent owners and finance companies.

Electric incandescent lamps are still used worldwide, but they will be gradually replaced by energy-efficient lighting. The quality of the lighting has enhanced and the costs for manufacturing have reduced in the last several years. Furthermore innovative solutions will be developed in order to make lighting long-lasting, environmentally friendly, energy efficient and/or brightly-colored.

It seems that there is currently a competition between compact fluorescent lamp, electrodeless lamps and LED lights.


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