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General services

Often, it is not enough merely to provide information based on technical documentary search or market analyses or to provide advice on intellectual property. Our services go one step further: we include integrated technological, business and legal aspects in its analysis and consultation. As a result, you receive a more complete and precise picture of what is known worldwide, without unnecessary costs and wasting of time. We offer ad-hoc services, but is especially directed to long-term goals.

With the information we provide you acquire knowledge that forms the motivation as well inspiration for new actions.

VP&I offers tailor-made services and believes in a personal, interactive approach. VP&I can make use of its expansive network of knowledge institutions, firms of patent and trademark attorneys and lawyers, and other specialists and organizations.

In order to support your activities in the best possible manner, VP&I offers you services which could be combined. Please see the services in the left column.



acetyl-salicylic-acid thumb

Issued American patent no 644,077 
“Acetyl Salicylic acid”; F. Hoffmann; 1900

Applications of Acetyl Salicylic acid (ASA)
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