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Welcome to VP&I
We stand for knowledge with value!

About VP&I

Vermeulen Patent & Intelligence (VP&I) conducts and supplies information (Intelligence) which is in the public domain (Patent), such as the patents that protect inventions. To do this, we draw upon our wide-ranging expertise.

We offer tailor-made services, with reliability and a personal approach as important factors to support research and product development, business development as well as intellectual property activities and innovation policy. As a result, you receive a more complete and precise picture of what is known worldwide, without unnecessary costs and wasting of time.

Through these services, VP&I aims to make knowledge comprehensible and usable and so foster the innovative ability and continuity of your organisation.

As our mission statement put it, We stand for knowledge with value.

VP&I was founded on 1 October 2004 by drs I.A.N. (Ivo) Vermeulen.

He studied chemistry atLeidenUniversity. He has been in patents since 1989, and has worked at both the Netherlands Patent Office, European Patent Office and a renowned patents agency. He has experience in a range of fields: chemistry, physics, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. Since 2003 he has also been active in innovation and product development.


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American patent no 223,898;
"Electric-lamp" issued to T.A. Edison in 1830.

"History of electric lamps"
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